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NINGBO WILSHINE STATIONERY COMPANY LIMITED is a professional manufacturer located in Ningbo China. We are mainly engaged in manufacturing stationery and promotional gifts and premiums.  As one of the fastest growing companies in the promotional field, NINGBO WILSHINE STATIONERY COMPANY LIMITED is primarily focusing on promotional writing instruments, tape measures, badge holders, key chains, notebooks and drink wares. We have established long-term business relationship with some top brands in drink ware and pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, our products have been successfully exported to Europe, North America, South America, Australia, Middle and East Asia and Southeast Asia with zero complaint.

In addition to offering an extraordinary product line, NINGBO WILSHINE STATIONERY COMPANY LIMITED is dedicated to continuously offering competitive price, best quality, timely delivery and reliable service. Our professional staff with good communication skills and coordination capacity will always be of glad assistance to solve any questions from our esteemed customers. Surely It is understood that customers are the company's lifeblood and their satisfaction is our top priority..

Never hesitate to contact us----if you want to find a professional partner in China please come to us right now. We will get win-win.

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